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  • By Bonnie W Aug 15, 2016

    This chiffon long dress looked very gorgeous on my bridesmaids. It has a very royal feel to it the design was really unique. My friends said they felt like Greek goddesses in this dress. The dress looked even better in blue.

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  • By roma1525 Dec 17, 2015

    For the most part I like the quality of the merchandise. Sometimes the prices are the same but the quality seems to suffer the next season. I like how the items I purchased don't fade or lose their shape after laundering, which is important. Being only 5'1" and about 170 lbs it is a bit hard to find clothing that fits, especially dresses. They are usually too HUGE in the waist and small in the hips. Everything I've bought for Adasbridal have been great.

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  • By Mercy Acheng Oct 19, 2015

    I directly went to the under 100$ catalog of adasbridal since I was on a limited budget. I ordered a chiffon and lace bridesmaid dress. The price was unbelievably less and I expected some cheap dress that would last a few days and wear off then. The dress looks so good that I use it only for special occasions. And it seems that it’ll last a lifetime given proper care. Satisfied with the product and recommended.

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  • By RCD Aug 15, 2015

    Very cheap Chinese made dresses and of fair quality. I bought this one with great experience and will stick with this website to buy more. Thank you.

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