Adasbridal is an online retail store specializing in selling wedding apparel,
sepcial occasion wears and related accessories.

  • Founded


    (in China)

  • Employees


    (and growing)

  • Products


    (with new arrivals added every month)

  • Factory


    (all dresses are handmade tailored)

Story of Founder

Hi everybody, my name is Ada. I am born into an ordinary tailor family in Suzhou, China. Once, my America friend would get married. In order to give her a surprise, I personally designed a bridal gown for her. Unexpectedly, she loved it very much. Since then, she introduced many friends of her, who would get married. I helped design and tailor wedding dresses for them after learning their special requirement. And then later, more and more friends asked me to design and tailor the wedding gowns for the brides.

In the process of design and making wedding dresses, I get friendship and share happiness with them, which makes me feel pleasant and funny. I deeply fall in love with it gradually. Thereupon, I establish my own brand Adasbridal.